Extraordinary Eucharsitc Ministers

Serve the Precious Blood or Body of Christ to Roman Catholics receiving communion during Sunday or Holy Day Liturgy.

Time Commitment:  1 - 2 hours a month

"In the Mass the table both of God's work and of Christ's body is prepared, from which the faithful may be instructed and refreshed"



The purpose of this ministry is to greet and welcome parishioners to our celebration by assisting with seating arrangements, providing help to parishioners with special needs, coordinating the offertory collection, communion, and provide bulletins at the conclusion of the mass.

Why be a Greeter/Usher????

* No Age Requirement
* Great Ministry to Participate as a Family
* Great background ministry for those who want to participate in the mass but don't want to be in the lime light such as a Lector/Eucharistic Ministry
*Excellent way of meeting new parishioners and making them welcome
*Excellent way of keeping connected to all parishioners-you see them coming and going!

 Atar Servers

The purpose of this ministry is to assist the priest/deacon during the celebration of the mass.  Servers have a special bond with the Celebrant of the mass and can enhance the experience of the mass for the congregation.

Why be an Altar Server????

*Excellent Ministry for youth age fourth grade and older
*Keep our youth actively engaged and attending mass
*Challenge and Enhance your knowledge of the mass
*Up Front "RESERVED" seating every mass!!!
*Impress your friends with an extensive vocabulary of religious terms for objects/vessels used in the celebration of mass!

Contact:  Lori Murphy-Moullet at 227-8306


 Mass Lector

Proclaim Sacred Scriptures during Sunday or Holy Day Liturgy.

Time Commitment:  1 - 2 hours a month

Contact Michael Seipp at 457-1770

Faith Formation for Elementary & Junior High Students

Faith formation involves teaching the doctrine and theology of the Catholic Church as well as sharing one's personal faith journey.  Training and catechist manuals are provided.  If you a faithful, practicing Catholic this could be your chance to work with children from preschool through grade 8.  You can make a difference in a young person's life.  Students are also invited to help with classes.

Plant a seed; watch it grow!
 Why me????  Because YOU can:
 * Make a difference in children's lives
 * Learn more about your faith and grow in it
 * Receive training and materials
 * Challenge, motivate and inspire others
 * Grow in your faith as you share it with others
 Time Commitment:  3 hours a week from mid September to April
Contact Marie Moran at 227-5334 ext. 103 -

Welcoming & Hospitality


Faith, Fellowship, Food, & Fun

>Plan and implement activities to promote fellowship after Masses.

>Plan and implement activities for welcoming new parishioners.

>Assist where needed with other parish events.

>Great Opportunity to develop relationships and foster fellowship among parishioners, lots of laughter and food, very few meetings--lots of email contact.

Time Commitment: Approximately 4-6 hrs a month or as you can

Contact: Ann Marie Bushong